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Riccardo Terzi

Headshot - Riccardo.png

Riccardo Terzi – Mortgage Agent L1

Tel:        519-521-4687

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Riccardo Terzi has had a diverse career reflecting his passion for finance and customer service. With 11 years at TD Canada Trust as a Financial Advisor, he excelled in assisting customers with mortgages, loans, and investments. Seeking new challenges, Riccardo ventured into the automotive industry, working as a sales associate and automotive detailer. This journey led him to eventually own his own Automotive Detail and Tint Shop, where he honed his entrepreneurial skills and gained valuable business experience.

Despite his success in the automotive field, Riccardo's true passion remained in finance. This realization motivated him to obtain his Mortgage license, allowing him to return to the world of lending. Now, he provides tailored solutions to help individuals achieve their dream of homeownership. His varied career showcases a unique blend of expertise in finance, customer service, and entrepreneurship, along with a strong commitment to empowering others to secure their financial futures.

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